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Our Services


The M.P Mediterranean Partners Ltd is made up of a team of highly specialised professionals with a wealth of experience in the provision of corporate, consultancy and administrative services. They hold a broad legal and financial background and with this experience they are committed to the provision of a consistently high level of client service and differentiated, client-specific solutions.

M.P Mediterranean Partners Ltd is focused on providing services to its client’s to meet their needs in the most efficient, cost effective way to maximise the business goals of its clients.


  • Our team of fully qualified and experienced Legal Counsels provide a comprehensive and specialised service of legal support and advice, both domestic and international, on all matters relating to corporate

    • Advice and legal guidance on potential transactions and other corporate matters;
    • Arranging for legal opinions or other legal work where necessary from our wide range of business associated both within Cyprus and abroad.
    • Draft and negotiate a wide variety of Corporate and Commercial agreements which cover a vast range of business transactions including but not limited to:

      ●    Joint Venture

      ●    Agency

      ●    Share sale and purchase



    • Attending meetings and negotiating transactions on behalf of the client;
    • Creation of risk management policies;
    • Review of transactions to ensure compliance with tax, VAT, legal, statutory and reporting requirements;
    • Carry out company searches and legal Due Diligence;
    • Corporate compliance and governance matters;
    • Preparation of general corporate documents;and business issues.



Corporate Administration

  • Our aim is to help our clients establish and run their business efficiently, therefore, we offer a broad range of fiduciary services that will assist our clients in the process of incorporation and thereon after, such as:


    Provision of local corporate directors


    shareholders Provision of nominee shareholders

    Company secretary

    Provision of Company Secretary in accordance with the provisions of the Cyprus Companies Law Cap 113.

    We also provide constant corporate secretarial support and compliance services such as:

    • Maintain statutory registers;
    • Update Registrar of Companies records;
    • Convene board and shareholders meetings;
    • Preparation of all minutes of meetings of Directors and Shareholders;
    • Preparation of Annual General Meeting of the Company;


    • File Accounts and Annual Return to the Registrar of Companies;
    • Reserve and protect company’s records;
    • Ensure all proper returns are made to the Registrar of Companies upon any changes in the share capital of the company, the directorship, the registered address, the shareholders of the company, the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association etc;
    • Issue the share certificates to the members of the company;
    • Keep safe custody of the common seal of the Company;
    • Registered Office Address
      Provision of Registered Office Address: In accordance with the Cyprus Companies Law Cap 113, a company registered in Cyprus shall, as from the day of its incorporation, have a registered office in Cyprus to which all communications and notices may be addressed.

      Trustee functions

    • Establishment of international trusts in Cyprus and in other jurisdictions;
    • Acting as trustees of international trusts;
    • Acting as escrow agents;

Banking administration

    • Advise on the most suitable bank(s) and bank accounts to use.
    • Opening of bank accounts with any of the local and international banks.
    • Execution of bank instructions.
    • Preparation of documentation for operating bank accounts through Internet Banking facilities
    • Applications for letters of credit, bank guarantees, etc.
    • Applications for online banking accounts and authentication security tokens.
    • Applications for credit and debit cards.
    • Applications for safe deposit boxes.



Other Administrative Services

    • Preparation and filing of all necessary forms and documents to register new companies with the Tax Authorities;
    • Assistance in obtaining company search from Registrar of Companies;
    • Assistance in obtaining incorporation documents from Registrar of Companies;
    • Assistance in the legalization and certification of documents;
    • Assistance in the application for opening an office in Cyprus;
    • Preparation of Power of Attorney;
    • Preparation of documentation for payment of dividend;
    • Appointment of liquidator and assistance in the preparation of the relevant documentation for winding up a company.




  • M.P Mediterranean Partners Ltd offers a broad spectrum of financial services, the most common of these relate, amongst others to, the preparation and management of financial accounts, bookkeeping services, preparation of accounts for audit, preparation of budgets and tax consultancy.

    The Company employs a number of highly skilled, qualified professionals, all of which hold professional qualifications and are members of the largest International accounting bodies. These bodies include the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (www.accaglobal.com) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (http://www.icaew.com). All accountants are also members of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (www.icpac.org.cy).
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Taxation Services

  • The Finance Department also provides tax services, such as:

    • Provision of tax advice with regards to prospective transactions
    • Tax structuring (both international and in Cyprus);
    • Negotiations with the Tax Authorities on our client’s behalf;
    • Securing Tax Rulings with the Tax Authorities to ensure the tax treatment of key matters is agreed with the Tax Authorities in advance;
    • Obtaining Tax Residency and Tax Clearance Certificates;
    • Submission of all relevant Tax returns;
    • Provision of personal tax advice.

    Our tax advisors use their knowledge of available tax schemes and mechanisms, in line with both Cyprus and International Tax legislations, to enable our clients to take advantage of any available tax benefits, thus minimising the client's tax liability and exposure.



Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

  • The Finance Department provides all services relating to the maintenance of a company’s financial records, such as:

    • Bookkeeping services based on records made available by the client;
    • Consultancy in designing and implementing accounting systems;
    • Computerisation of accounting records;
    • Preparation of periodic management accounting reports, which are tailor made to suit each client’s requirements;
    • Maintenance of VAT records and preparation and submission of VAT returns;
    • Preparation of financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS);
    • Preparation of budgets and cash flow forecasts;
    • Due diligence of companies prior to their acquisition;
    • Management of bank accounts;
    • Payroll services.



Provisions of GDPR Services

  • We offer a broad range of GDPR services that will assist our clients to ensure their business comply with European regulations.

    • Subsidized Educational GDPR Seminars from HRD
    • GDPR Attendance Certificates
    • GDPR General Consultancy at your premises
    • Preparation of GDPR Privacy Agreements & GDPR Manuals
    • Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services
    • Preparation of Data Inventory Lists
    • GDPR Data Mapping
    • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)
    • reparation of GDPR Legal Binding Contracts
    • GDPR EU Representation for Non EU Organizations
    • GDPR Annual Audits & Reporting



Cyprus Investment Programme (CIP)--



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